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Hints for Writing 5 Paragraph Essays

Easy writing is an important subject that is commonly assigned to students in order to check their skills about writing. Students are given various different types of essays to create and organize their ideas.

5 paragraph essays is a type of essay writing that is rarely followed in professional writing. This method is generally adopted by students in school and college level.

5 paragraph essays are considered very useful for students in order to check student’s writing skills.

Following are some hints by which you can write a 5 paragraph essay.


The first paragraph in it should b introductory. The introduction of relevant subject is made in it.

For example, if you want to write an essay on importance of airbags in aero planes, start your essay with an introduction including history of any accident and survival of people using airbags. Essay should have some information about importance of airbags.

Usually introductory paragraph tells the reader about the reason it was given. It tells the reader about an essay. It is connected with the rest body of an essay.


The body of essay writing consists of three paragraphs.

First supporting paragraph: This paragraph includes information that has a linked with the introduction of the say. This paragraph should contain data of strongest argument .The topic should be related with the introductory essay. Its ending should have a linked with second body paragraph.

Second supporting paragraph: The start of second supporting paragraph should be tied with the first supporting paragraph. The topic should b mention in first or second line of the paragraph. The topic name should relate with an essay.

Third supporting paragraph: This paragraph contains data about the weakest argument. The topic should be mention in first two lines. The topic is related with the introduction of the essay. The ending of the paragraph should be linked with the conclusion of an essay.


As 5 paragraph essay writing is full of fun for both reader and writer, there is a need of concluding it. It consists of a concluding paragraph. The closing of essay is made in it. It points towards main topics and points mentioned in the essay. It briefly mentions the summery of three body supporting paragraphs.