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Fourteen Successful Topics for Writing a Good Formal Exploratory Essay

This essay is just different than the others. It will not involve the convincing the audience of an opinion. Instead, this style of writing has the writer find out about a problem or an issue. Then the writer can seek to find answers and solutions to these concerns. If you are assigned an exploratory essay, then please consider using one of these fourteen topic selections.

14 Ideas

  1. Children are negatively impacted by parental divorce or separation
  2. Friends can be more important than family
  3. Religion has a negative impact on people
  4. Class rankings can negatively effect students
  5. Men are more argumentative than women
  6. Women are better care-givers than men
  7. What is the number one cause for divorce among married people
  8. Love is not the most important quality when selecting a partner
  9. God does not exist
  10. Living together prior to marriage helps a marriage to last longer
  11. Everyone should be allowed to attend college or university for no charge
  12. Schools should be all electronic
  13. Schools do not need teachers
  14. Standardized tests cause more harm than good

Once you have found the perfect title idea for you, then you should answer these questions in the introductory paragraph:

Your paper goals will be to:

Your essay will have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. Remember to start and to finish strongly. Your introduction will discuss the issue and then mention why it is important. You should briefly mention the reasons and some of the possible solutions. This first paragraph skims these contents. In the body, they will be more thoroughly discussed. Additionally, in the main body point paragraphs, you will give your personal insight into how the cure has impacted you and others. Always use transitions as you move from one point to the very next point in order to have a smooth paper. The conclusion is especially vital to the essay. You should restate the issue you investigated, mention the reasons for the problem, and then highlight your considered remedies to the issue.