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Creating An Expository Essay: What Should You Write About?

In this type of essay the student is required to investigate an idea. Then an evaluation of the evidence is to follow. The student must illustrate and clarify the idea, and then use what they have learned to present an argument about the idea with clarity and brevity. Doesn’t sound like an easy task, does it? You almost have to have a dictionary beside you just to understand the definition of the essay in common terms!

Under the general category of expository essays, there are several specific types you can use. For example, the compare and contrast essay, the definition essay, the cause and effect essay, a persuasive essay, etc.

Now that you know the process you must follow for an expository essay, it’s time to choose what you want to write about. If you have been given any guidelines by your teacher, it’s important first and foremost to follow them. If not, you can start to discover what you want to write about.

If you are looking for some essay topic ideas, peruse the following list. Remember the purpose of this list isn’t to give you the exact topic to write about, but rather to give you some ideas to use as a starting point.

As you can see the topics are from a wide variety of life topics. Basically you could look around you and brainstorm a whole bunch more of ideas like this. Then choose something you can really put some feeling into. That’s what makes a great essay. When you write with conviction your words just flow.