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5 Useful College Essay Prompts

Whether you are a top notch student, average worker, or bottom of the barrel type of academic just looking to scrape by, writing a college essay is never easy. The first assignment is the personal statement contained in the college application. After that, each of your courses requires completion of essays during the semester. Usually a topic is given to you, but in some cases you need to select your own, especially in a writing seminar, or when preparing a reflective essay. Here are some prompts that may inspire you to write your essay:

  1. Your life story. There is a certain path that everyone has to travel on to become the person they are in life. . Your background and journey through life has molded your personality, developed your character traits, and made you the student you are at college. A good essay to write would be to discuss your history leading up to how and why you are going to college.
  2. An important place. There may be a specific place in the world, real or imagined, where you feel the happiest. It can be a large region, or a small destination. It provokes joyful memories, gives you confidence in yourself, and provides inspiration for your life. You can write about where it is, how it affects you, and why it is so important.
  3. Questioning authority. There may have been a moment in time when you felt that something someone was stating or advocating was entirely wrong. You may have argued against that person for a variety of reasons. You can write about what the issue was, why you felt so strongly against the argument and how it affected your growth as an individual.
  4. We all fall down. This is true in everyone’s life, no matter how perfect we may think we are, we all experience failure at some point in our lives, whether it is a trivial or monumental event. Our failures create a resiliency in our character, and you can write about the circumstances of the event, how you flopped, and how it aided in your transition into adulthood and a successful student.
  5. Positive is better. As often as we experience failure, there is also a positive event in our lives. You can select such a moment in your life, one that had a great impact on who you are as a person. You can describe the details of the event, what you did, and how it affected your identity as a mature student.