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Argumentative Essay Tips: Outline and Structure

An argumentative essay can be extremely interesting to write, as it allows the author a certain amount of freedom when expressing their thoughts and choosing the arguments to support their main idea.

Though, you shouldn’t forget that there is still a structure that you’ll need to maintain, because an argumentative essay is an academic paper, and therefore must be formatted in a very specific manner.

It will be much easier for you to write a paper like this when you know exactly what its outline and structure should be like.

  1. Introduction
  2. Every essay should start with a short introduction that presents your main idea to the reader. This will ensure that those who study your work will be able to see the arguments you make in the right light.

    You will also need to state your opinion on the subject. This way, the readers will know what kind of point you are trying to prove with your arguments.

  3. Telling more about the subject
  4. In the second part of your work, you’ll need to present the readers with more information about the subject, tell them whether there have been other attempts on expressing the same idea and inform them of your research. This part should help you focus the reader’s attention on the subject of your essay.

  5. Getting specific
  6. Your next task is providing the arguments and backing them up with facts and other proof you manage to discover when doing the research. As this is an argumentative essay, you will need to introduce the arguments that both support and disprove your point of view. This way, you will be able to make a stronger impact on the reader and prove that you have indeed researched the matter well.

    Bear in mind that it’s essential to use strong proof of both pros and cons of the idea. However, when you need to make a certain point with your essay, you must be sure to organize your facts in a way that will persuade the reader that your initial view of the matter is correct. In this case, the arguments will only serve to strengthen your point.

  7. Conclusion
  8. Just like every academic paper should have an introduction, it also requires a conclusion. This part shouldn’t be big, a couple of paragraphs at most. It should include a short summary of the work and a list of the most important arguments as well as a conclusion that the reader should make after reading the essay.