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What Makes a Well-Written Essay: 5 Main Elements

An essay is one of the most popular kinds of assignments. Students master their writing skills and study different topics. A well-written paper consists of the following five elements. Every student should learn how these components are designed, and what hints can make their work better.

Element 1: Thesis Sentence

A thesis statement is a sentence that describes a main proposition. The thesis is not the same as a topic or a fact. The latter only describes your study area while every thesis must state an author’s position. The readers should be able to argue and pick their own arguments. Your thesis must be written in the introduction, put it at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Element 2: Problem Statement

Every essay must explain the intellectual context, therefore the readers understand why your thesis matters. Usually the problem comes from misunderstanding of a certain situation. The author should put effort to explain the details and offer a potential solution. Typically, the details are provided within several paragraphs. A well-written essay does not aim to solve the problem, but rather to discuss the problem and show the author’s personal attitude.

Element 3: Examples

It is not enough to mention ideas, you should pick evidences and examples to support the thesis statement. This element shows your ability to work with different sources and pick the most relevant data. Do not forget to cite all the sources. Consider possible counterarguments and re-examine the examples, make your input, and persuade the readers.

Element 4: Analysis

Do not simply list the evidences, it is better to turn them into arguments instead. A detailed examination of the elements and the subject’s structure is an essential element of a well-written essay. The thesis should be extended and the details of the subject should be described. You need to analyze every set of evidences and make sure the reader will understand your thoughts.

Element 5: Structure

A proper structure makes your essay clear. The sections must be organized, and the last sentence of each section should make a transition to another one. Some essays follow a chronological order while others list appropriate examples in the order of relevance. However, it makes sense to develop your argumentation from section to section and hereby deepen the readers’ understanding of the topic. A well-written conclusion is the last part of the essay. It should be prepared carefully and summarize the strongest points provided by the author.