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Check for Plagiarism Every Time You Submit Your Papers

Teachers can no longer trust any of their students. Too many students hire custom essay writers and many of them resort to borrowing papers for free from online sources. These students create problems for the honest students who actually do write their own papers. In order to prove honesty and academic integrity, every student should run their essays and research papers through a plagiarism checker before submitting them to their teachers.

Schools Investing in Plagiarism-Free Work

Many schools and colleges require their students to submit papers through programs like Turn It In. In a plagiarism checker like Turn It In, students have their own accounts, but the plagiarism checker checks each paper against everything in the database and online. These programs deter students from stealing papers from other students and from buying essays from online essay writing companies. Special programs like Turn It In are not cheap for school districts and colleges, because each student requires an individual license.

Take the Initiative

Due to the fact that many schools do not have large budgets, they are not able to afford programs like this. If this is the case, students should use the free online plagiarism checkers to show their teachers that they are honest and they actually write their own papers. It is easy to search for a plagiarism checker that will run an essay through a rigorous check and many of them provide a quick report that can easily be printed and attached to an essay. If you submit your own plagiarism report, your teachers will think very highly of you that you care enough about your work to prove that you wrote it yourself.

Check the Work

Students who buy their papers from essay writing services should always check their products. Many essay writing companies claim that they write unique essays for each client, but we all know that not every company is completely honest. In order to protect your educational reputation, it is a good idea to make sure that the essay that you purchased is completely clean and not stolen from another essay. It is better to find out that some of the essay was copied before you turn it in, because you can make the changes needed to keep it free of plagiarism.

Protect Your Rep

Many people believe in the idea of making sure the bases are covered. Running every major essay or research paper through a plagiarism checker is a great way to be sure that you are protecting your reputation as a student and that you are proving to your teacher that you care enough to show that you do your own work.