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Division And Classification Essay Topics: What Kind Of Problem May Occur During The Writing Process?

What is a division and classification essay?

Division and classifications a type of academic essay writing that requires the author to organize and explain information in a way that can be easily understood by a reader. For example making a general statement that says “People mourn the loss of a loved one in three different ways” and then proceeding to explain the different steps of the mourning process.

The division part of the essay writing process separate items into specified categories. Doing this can help make complicated subjects easier to understand because they are broken down into small groups. For instance, a complex discipline like the study of medicine can be split into different classifications such as neurology and psychiatry etc. Another example would be the fashion in which scientists separate rock groups.

When you are asked to write a division essay, it is your responsibility to create the new categories for division and explain your logic for separating the varying concepts. You do this using research that provides you with evidence of your categorization. For example you could study a sample group of people and make a statement about what categories they fall under. An example of this would be researching the types of people who are on well fare, and breaking them into groupings such as disabled, unemployed, or temporarily requiring assistance. Then, in your division and classification essay you will explain your justifications for these separations.

The Trouble With Division and Classification Essay Writing

A common challenge that many students realize when they are asked to compose this type of essay is figuring out a way to break up the group without making too many assumptions and generalization. It can be difficult to break ideas up into categories especially when some of the subjects share similarities and overlapping characteristics. The best way to overcome this is too look at the subject objectively. It is also a good idea to come up with very specific categories in order to assure there is no overlap.

Lastly, if you cannot specifically categorize your subject into one group explain in your essay why there is some exceptions to be considered.

Writing a division and classification essay can be difficult because not every idea can be expressed using classifications. Before you begin the writing process make sure that you can defend your categorizations using strong evidence and that you are not oversimplifying a complex idea by dividing it up. Try not to be too general and make sure that do your research so that your paper’s thesis is well defended with strong examples.