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How To Choose A Good Topic For An Essay On My Mother?

Well, mother’s day is approaching and there is nothing more fitting than writing an essay for your mum! It would make a great gift and obviously it could be counted as one of your assignments as well! However, you might be struggling to come up with topics to write in your essay and that is perfectly normal! After all, it’s a bit hard to come up with something to write about your mother, right? If that’s the case, here are a few tips and suggestions for choosing a good topic:

Childhood and growing up

One of the best essay topics you can write about is describing your childhood (your mum obviously knows it, but she would love to read it anyway!) and then the process of you growing up. It might be nothing to you, but for your mum, it’s like watching you grow up again! It’s a great topic as well – there is so much that you can write about and the only concern should be the word count limit!

Experience together with your mum

There is nothing more fitting than talking about the time that you have spent together with your mum! It would be a great essay topic and again, you can basically write about anything! Obviously, don’t make anything up – just be truthful to yourself and write about it. You can talk about everything in general or pick a particular event and expand on it. Anyway, it would still be a great essay.

Thanking her

This is rather similar to a letter, but written in an essay format. You should be thanking your mother for raising you, for enduring all your tantrums and is always there for you! It’s really tough being a mum, right? I’m sure you will appreciate that fact and just write a truthful piece of work that your mum would love (hopefully your teacher enjoys reading it as well)! To be honest, you really won’t be here and you won’t be who you are if your mother hadn’t shown so much care and respect for you.

Take dad into the picture as well

Well, it doesn’t have to be all about your mum anyway. You can certainly bring your dad into you essay as well. You can pretty much talk about anything here, from your standard family life to any crazy life experience together! Possibilities are endless!