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Essay writing guide: proofread examples of an introductory paragraph

If you are looking for help writing your essay introduction paragraph, then perhaps you need to review some samples. Looking over proofread examples of an introductory paragraph is one of the best ways for you to get a feel for what an introduction should be.

If you are writing on a new topic, for a new subject, or with a new style of essay, you may be unsure of where you should begin in terms of the introduction. You might have the core arguments down; that is the easy part. Still, you struggle with introducing everything you are about to tell the reader.

This is where looking over proofread examples of an introductory paragraph can help. For those students who are visual learners, a proofread sample is one of the best ways to learn. For those who need to look over a tangible layout before perfecting their paper, it is also beneficial.

You can find proofread examples in a variety of locations:

  1. You can find samples from your teacher, written by previous students
  2. You can find samples in your textbooks
  3. You can locate examples on the internet
  4. You can locate examples on academic websites or your library database
  5. You can find examples in a writing guidebook

If you are still struggling to start your essay, or begin on the introduction, the core issue may be the lack of a good topic. A good topic can be hard to come by on demand. It often takes time and reflection to find a topic worth writing about, which is why you have so much time to write most of your papers. If you are searching for a potential topic, and find yourself coming up short, consider the following examples. Transportation brings up a slew of potential essay topics: