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Poverty and children in United States

According to statistics from the Census Bureau, there were 73.7 million children aged between 1 to 17 years old in 2011 in United States. Of this number, it is estimated that approximately 18.6 % live in poverty. This accounts for about 13.5 million children. In 2001, the census bureau reported that the group in which children belonged in was poorer by 12% than any other age group in the census . The number of children in poverty has been steadily increasing in the USA. The Census bureau reported that poverty in children has been rising steadily at a rate of 2.8% every five years. Statistics also show that children under the age of six were the most affected showing the highest level of poverty than any other demographic group.

Poverty in children is more prevalent in the western and southern parts of the US.

It has been noted that this could be as a result of these areas lying vastly in rural areas where the level of poverty is generally higher due to fewer high wages jobs, such that the families in which these children live in barely meet their needs. Data shows that children in poverty account for 39% of the population in poverty in United States on America.

Poverty in children in US is noted to be highly prevalent in the big cities. Studies have shown that in New York, 25% of the New Yorkers are children. New York is the most densely populated city in USA. Unfortunately, about 762000 children live in poverty in New York with at least 10,000 children homeless.

There are several factors that have played a big role in children being in poverty in the US. Lack of a solid education system is a key contributor of children and poverty in the US. Some states with high poverty rate don’t get enough funding for schools which leads to children lacking proper education. Lack of education has been pointed overly to be the main cause of poverty and has often led children into criminal activities.

Another factor that has contributed to the high number of children in poverty is lack of employment. Lack of employment to the parents of the children affects the children directly because it means that the parents cannot afford to feed their children well or provide for some of the basic needs such as clothing items. Therefore, unemployment faced by parents affects the children directly, leading to an increased number of children in poverty.