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A proofread sample: learn the MLA research paper format

If you’ve been assigned a paper or essay to be written in MLA format, you’ve likely found or been given a set of guidelines by which to write your paper. Let’s have a look at a sample passage and discuss how to make it MLA format friendly.

A sample passage

Here is our sample:

The Myriad virtues of a ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet, also called the ketone diet, is one that inspires a person’s body to “produce ketones in order to directly burn fat cells for energy instead of burning carbohydrates for energy.” This diet requires one to eliminate carbohydrates from his diet almost completely and consume more protein and fat to redirect the body’s course of energy consumption. How much of each category one should consume to enter ketosis depends on his height and weight, body fat percentage and level of activity. There are many tools and calculators available online to help determine which proportions are right for each person.

The fix

There are several things incorrect or altogether missing from the above passage, such as the following: