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Vitamin A

Do you know all that you should about taking vitamin A? It is alright if you don’t because this essay is going to inform you. Most people today are looking for a way to maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible so that their quality of life will be high and they can live a long time. One of the ways that this can be achieved is to take a healthy amount of supplements each day. Some people are confused as to which vitamins they should take and in what quantities. Vitamin A has become one of the most popular because of the benefits to your vision, but there is more than one kind of Vitamin A to be aware of and there are other benefits for the body as well.

Organizations like the American Heart Association advise that all people take as many antioxidants as they can. This will mean eating a diet that has a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains contained in it. Many people look to supplements to provide these antioxidants and this includes the ingestion of Vitamin A. Of course there are conflicting reports about the possible harmful side effects of taking too many antioxidants, so the consumer is left to try to figure out exactly what behavior is going to be best for their health. Some people believe that taking too much Vitamin A can lead to an increased chance of losing your life to a number of causes.

There are two distinct types of Vitamin A that people ingest. The first comes from meat products, beef, chicken or pork. The other comes from the fruits and vegetables that people consume. It is estimated that most people get enough Vitamin A in their regular diet but if you need to get a little bit of a boost there are all kinds of supplements available. There are some groups in the population that need a bit more than usual. Infants that are born prematurely often have a low level of Vitamin A in the first year of their life. Women who are breastfeeding in developing countries are often short on this supplement as well as all pregnant women, young children and most infants. All can benefit from using Vitamin A supplements.

The most common side effect of not getting enough Vitamin A is that people will develop Zerophthalmia. This is an eye condition that can possibly lead to permanent blindness if it isn’t treated. It also makes it difficult to see anything in low light.

Vitamin A is a valuable supplement that should be monitored in order to keep all people healthy and seeing well through their entire life.