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List of Prompts on how to Improve Your Essay Writing

If you are concerned with improving your essay writing there are some distinct tips that you should follow. Today, we are going to provide a helpful list of 3 ways that one can practice their essay writing skills ad gradually begin to improve their writing abilities. These include, working from an outline, reading plenty of academic writing examples and learning from your mistakes. By observing these steps you can make strides to improve your overall essay writing abilities.

  1. Work from An Outline
  2. If you do one thing to help improve your essay writing begin working from an outline every single time that you write. An outline will help assure that your writing is more focused and stays on topic. Also, it is a great way to plan out your paper beforehand and think about what you are going to write. This usually lends to an all around better written composition.

  3. Read Examples
  4. Another way to write better essays is to read plenty of essays. This is because by reading plenty of examples you’ll begin to see how essays are executed. It is advisable to read essays that are evaluated at all levels so that you can see what it takes to earn a top grade. You’ll learn a lot from reading essays that have been written by others.

    Make sure that you take note of the level that the essays that you are reading have been written at. For instance High School essays will be simpler than a University level essay.

  5. Learn From Your Mistakes
  6. If you are continuously receiving low grades on your essay writing assignments then it may be a great idea to go back and look at your old papers. This may seem like a lot of extra work, but studying your errors and reading your instructors notes will help you learn what not to do. This will allow you to hopefully stop making the same mistakes and move towards improvement.

You may even want to consider re-writing an old paper to see how you can make it better.

Becoming a better writer takes a lot of practice and dedication. However, if you follow these 3 simple steps then you should be well on your way. By working with an outline, reading well written examples and studying your old papers you can begin to improve your writing. Eventually, you will be a skilled essay writer and begin to get better grades on your papers.