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How to pick up brilliant essay topics: tips for middle school students

When you are in middle school you will be assigned many types of essays all of which are designed to push your current writing skills to the test and help to craft a better grasp of the English language.

No matter what the essay you will generally have the same basic components:

The introduction is where you tell the reader the purpose of your paper and you introduce them to the thesis statement or topic. This is important because it lays the roadmap out before the reader of what they will end up learning in your paper. The introduction needs to grab the attention of the reader. It needs to hook them and keep them interested. Without a strong introductory paragraph your reader won’t keep reading your paper.

As far as the thesis statement is concerned it does not have to come as the very last sentence to the introduction or the very first. This is entirely up to you. What matters is that it is included in there somewhere and is original and creative.

The body is where you offer support for the main argument or thesis. The body of the text is broken down into multiple sections or paragraphs each of which cover a main point. For example: if you are writing a comparison paper the paragraphs in the body of your text would each cover a characteristic of the things you are comparing. If you are writing a research paper then each of the paragraphs would be dedicated to different parts of the research paper such as the methods and the literature review and the discussion. If you are writing a definition essay or persuasive essay you would do the same.

The conclusion is where you wrap things up nicely expounding upon the thesis and introduction. The introduction tells readers what they are going to learn and the conclusion reminds readers of what they just learned. The conclusion needs to offer something striking at the end that really leaves the reader pondering such as a quote or startling fact.

Below you will find some popular essay examples for a research paper: