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How to make sure your term paper is written properly 

If you are unsure of whether your term paper is written properly, review it to make sure you have all of the different elements of a paragraph

Different elements of a paragraph

In order to ensure an effective paragraph, you need to include:

These traits actually overlap, which makes it easier for you to include them all and adapt them to your effective writing.


Your entire paragraph needs to focus on one idea. If it starts with one idea, it needs to end with the same. It should not wander off or end with another idea.


Having coherent paragraphs is what makes them easily understood by your reader. You can make sure your paragraphs are coherent by creating verbal bridges and logical bridges.

Verbal bridges are where key words are repeated in multiple sentences as a sort of bridge connecting the sentences. To avoid repetition, you can use synonyms to replace repeat words within the different sentences. You can use pronouns to refer to nouns from previous sentences. You can also use transition words to link ideas from different sentences. Logical bridges are where the same idea is carried between sentences. You can use successive sentences in parallel form to construct logical bridges.

Topic Sentences

A topic sentence is what indicates the general idea of thesis of your paragraph or essay. Topic sentences can actually be placed anywhere in your paragraph, but more often than not they are placed as the first sentence or the last sentence. The goal of the topic sentence is to ensure your reader understands what the paragraph is going to cover. That is often why the topic sentence is placed first in the paragraph. Whether you explicitly state the topic sentence or not, it needs to easily summarize the content of the paragraph.

Adequate Development

The topic, as introduced by your topic sentence, needs to be discussed adequately and fully. Again, this will vary based on the paragraph in question, and depending on your purpose, but you should make sure your paragraphs are not too short, with only two or three sentences. If you find that your paragraphs are that short it is likely that it is not fully developed.

You can use many methods to ensure your paragraphs are well developed. You can use examples in your paragraph or illustrations. You can cite data such as facts, details, evidence, or statistics. You can examine testimony in the form of paraphrasing or quotes from experts in the field. You can compare and contrast. You can evaluate causes and their reasons. You can examine effects and the consequences of them. You can analyse your topic or describe it. You can also offer time segments of your event.