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Essay's introduction paragraph writing tips

Purpose of the introduction paragraph

This is quite obvious from the name that an introduction paragraph introduces the audience with the topic. It is aimed to tell the readers what the next few hundred or in some cases thousand words will be addressing to. This paragraph is meant to be brief and pointing out the most relevant and important aspects of the subject. A good introduction paragraph answers the following about the subject

Create interest

Do not confuse the reader with too much information in the opening paragraph. This paragraph must be focused yet catchy to keep the reader interested in your topic. Do not give him all the information in first few lines. It is important to let your reader get involved. Feed him only that much of information which is enough to build curiosity.

Place the hook

Regardless of the concern whether you are an excellent writer or a very knowledgeable person, if you fail to keep the reader for the first few lines then the rest of your essay is going to be wasted. It is sad but true. Even if the rest of the essay is very well written your reader won’t know it if he doesn’t proceed further. It is very important to give him something here that he can linger on. This is what we call “hooking” the reader in writers terminology. You must be able to hold your reader in the first paragraph in a way that he becomes more interested in what you have to say because the essay now seems relevant to him.

Be brief

A well-balanced introduction paragraph must succeed in creating interest as well as presenting the topic in a clear manner. Try to be brief and use the best of your knowledge to define your topic in a presentable way. As this is the first impression of your essay you need to make it appealing, precise and relevant.

Opening line

There are many ways you can open your essay. While most of the times it is something informative. An essays opening line can be:

In short it can be anything that you consider worth starting with and that will have an impact on the reader. If you follow these instructions carefully you will surely come up with a good introduction paragraph.