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How To Write A Purpose Statement For A Research Paper: Online Helpful Guide

Students who are doing their PhD degree or high-level education are often asked to write research papers on various topics regarding their subject. The aim of these research papers is to polish the analytical skills of the student and improve their written expression. Every research paper that students write needs to have a purpose statement. If you want to write a purpose statement for your paper then you must first understand what actually a purpose statement is

What is a purpose statement?

Well, the name is quite self-explanatory. A purpose statement aims at identifying the scope, purpose, and direction of a research paper. It helps the readers understand what will they be reading in the paper and what is the focus of the research paper. A purpose statement usually begins with

How to write a purpose statement

Before you include a purpose statement make sure to ask your instructor about it. Some professors want students to write purpose statements while others may think it is not necessary. It is better to know in advance whether you are supposed to write one or not. If your instructor has specified you to write a purpose statement then you should write it in a way that is sufficient to give your stance about the topic. Never show conclusion in the purpose statement. It is included in the beginning of your paper, this is not the right time to show the results to your reader. You need to keep their interest by building curiosity. A purpose statement gives information that is only enough to show what is the paper based on. While writing a purpose statement the students need to

Where to include the purpose statement

A purpose statement comes under the first paragraph of a paper i.e. introduction. It is included at the end of the introduction after clearly stating the thesis statement.

If you need to write a purpose statement and are not sure how to write one you can simply go on the web and search for examples