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Great Beowulf Essay Writing Tips and Suggestions

Beowulf is one the world’s most famous epic poem’s that was composed by an unknown author in the 11th century. The reason that Beowulf is still studied today is because of its unique structure, story telling concept and moral lessons. Throughout centuries it has survived as one of the most analyzed poems in the world. Even today modern students are often asked to interpret Beowulf in order to demonstrate their understanding of a complex poem.

If you are currently a student who is studying Beowulf in you’re literature program, and are struggling to understand it. We’ve complied some easy to follow writing tips that will help you compose a well-structured Beowulf essay. Due to the fact that Beowulf has been so vastly critiqued there are plenty of resources available for interpreting this wonderful piece of ancient writing.

Tip #1

Read The Poem, Then Read The Poem Again

Before you sit down and write your essay on the Beowulf poem, you are going to have to read it several times. This is because; how you perceive it may change after you read it and examine it from different perspectives. We recommend that you read the poem thoroughly once, then read again taking notes on pieces or wordings that stand out or interest you.

Tip #2

Use Your Notes To Compose A Thesis

The notes that you compose while reading the poem can become the basis for your thesis. Try to critically examine one thematic idea and see if you can come up with a unique topic for your essay.

Here are some examples of topics that might work:

Fight between the evil and the good.

Fame and fortune in Beowulf.

Beowulf perspective of death.

Role of religion in Beowulf.

Tip #3

Consider The Topic Using Modern Examples

No matter what topic you choose to use for your Beowulf essay, try to find some modern examples to back up your thesis. This will make the writing process a lot easier because it will become more relatable to you.

Tip #4

Consider how you can personally relate to the Beowulf Poem

Another way to approach a Beowulf essay is by pulling from your own experiences to better understand the poem.

Tip #5

Read Other Beowulf Essays

Before you start writing your own essay read a few Beowulf essay samples. This will help you come up with ideas and brainstorm your own approach to the poem.