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Eight Good Definition Essay Topics That Can Come in Handy

In order to come up with a topic, the student must identify his interest areas. The student may start by examining his childhood and the way he was brought out to search for significant events that may have had a strong influence on him in the formative years. This may aid him in discovering his bias on a particular subject or it may aid him in determining a core conflict or a central life question. This question or conflict can help the student to determine his bias on that particular subject and give birth to the area in which he wants to specify his eight essay topics. A life question or core conflict can easily be turned into a set of questions merely by submitting it to a series of inquiries. The student may continually ask himself why this is important to him. As he asks questions about his core conflict(s) or life question, a mere reformulation of the syntax can turn them into essay topics.

Here is a general list of topics along with a description of their possible applicability:


One can research recent developments and discoveries in the medical field and health care system. One can investigate the nature of the health care delivery system from a national perspective to the local perspective.


A study of technological change in our society. A study of how our society responds to technological innovation. A look at how society is changed through technology. Also a look at how society influences and controls innovations in technology.


A study of morality as it is depicted in literature. A look at how good and bad are played out in classic literature. An examination of the cultural role of literature in our society.


Striving for a working command of Chemistry including Laboratory experiments. The study of the major concepts and precepts of Chemistry as it relates to our daily lives.


A cross comparison of the current and historical precepts of drama. Gaining an understanding of what aspects of fiction and fantasy, as opposed to reality that we are asked to accept. An examination of how this inculcation might edify our lives.


An examination of Film as a present day Art form. A look at how film critiques reality be it politics, fashion, beauty, economics, technology, literature or other.

Creative Writing

A discussion of how to read, write, and evaluate peers’, poetry, prose, fiction, and drama to develop critical skills. A careful guide around the analysis of peers’ creative writing as it compares to the classics.


An analysis of the economy from a national perspective to a local perspective. A look at goals and strategies, direction, fiscal analysis, the supply/demand chain, national preparedness and national resources.