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Analysis paper vs. review paper

Artistic works are common topics for papers. Often this is a book, poem or play, but it can also be a film, a piece of music or practically anything else that falls under the heading of art. There are many possibilities. There are also two distinct kinds of paper that can be written on these topics; these are analysis and review papers. Both discuss the work in detail, but they have very different aims and it's important not to get them mixed up.

Analysis papers and review papers have a number of differences, and these will affect both the aspects of the work you look at and what you say about them in your paper. It's probably a good idea to look at the main features of each then work out what those differences are.

Analysis Paper

The main purpose of an analysis paper is to examine the themes contained in the work and the techniques used by its creator. Here are two issues that are commonly explored:

Review Paper

A review paper, by contrast, looks at the quality and effect of the work. Points that it examines could include the following:

There's obviously some overlap between the two types and it's common for an analysis paper to include elements of review and vice versa. The differences are quite clear, though, and should be very obvious in the conclusion. Keep this in mind as you plan and write your paper to avoid any confusion.