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One of the broadest and the oldest branches of engineering, Mechanical Engineering refers to the application of physics, engineering, science and materials to design and make working mechanical systems. From the very latest inventions in warfare to the oldest developments in the world, Mechanical Engineering traces its origins right back to the Stone Age, when man invented the wheel. Made of wood and a lever, the wheel may easily be labeled as the first machine ever. Following that, civilizations all over the world have made staggering progress in the field of mechanics, be it the Heron of Alexandria, who invented the Steam Engine, or Archimedes, whose studies are heavily influenced by the laws of physics and mechanical science.

The period of the seventeenth to nineteenth century was a glorified one in the field of Mechanical Engineering, since some of the most important discoveries of science were made during that time. We were given the three laws of motion by Sir Isaac Newton, and the discovery of Calculus made humans progress leaps and bounds in their original researches. However, one of the greatest names to ever be associated with mechanical engineering came before this time, right at the height of the Renaissance period. Leonardo da Vinci has been regarded as one of the most intelligent minds to ever walk this Earth. An amazing and far-fetched visionary, Leonardo dreamed up designs of machines way ahead of his time, and can very well be regarded as the father of many of the gadgets and machines we use today.

The outbreak of the industrial revolution in Europe not only provided much needed labor and employment to people, but also came as a boost in the field of mechanical engineering. Important inventions were made during this time, and the world experienced a boom in technology like no other.

Today, degrees in mechanical engineering are offered worldwide, with some of the best colleges situated in the United States, UK, India, Singapore, Canada and so on. The programs usually last four to five years and confer the degree of Bachelors in Engineering, Bachelor of Science or Bachelors of Technology to the student. Students are required to have an in depth knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statics, Thermodynamics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Vibrations, Wave Theory and so on. Students then go on to pursue an internship at a private or a government firm, and consequently aim to obtain their license.