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How to complete a Research Paper in Mathematics

Math is an interesting topic to many students, but it isn’t one that a whole lot of students think about completing research papers about. The typical math student is not going to be thinking about how to express themselves well enough in the written work because they are used to equations. However all of the major research projects in the history of math and science have to be explained and backed up with the written word. These papers are not any different from any other research paper except they are about math. If you follow these simple steps then creating a great math research paper is going to be simple.

Thesis Statement

The first thing that a student needs to develop is a thesis statement that is going to guide the research and writing of the paper. A well thought out thesis is going to be broad enough to encompass enough information to write a relatively lengthy paper but narrow enough so that irrelevant information can be eliminated. This has to be the first step in order for papers to be created relatively easily.

Outline and Research

Then it is the research stage, where facts are gathered about the topic and the information that is gathered is stored on a working outline. This outline is separated into sections of a proper paper and all of the information that is going to be included is placed on the outline. An outline should be continually changing as new information comes to light and new sections are added. This is also the place that your proper citations should be stored. This will make them easy to make as you move to the final draft writing process. So there needs to be a bibliography section as well.

Rough Draft

Once you have a working outline done by completing your math research it is time to create a rough draft. This is where you put your outline information in the form of a research paper for the first time. This isn’t going to be perfect but it is going to have a framework to build on. It should include citations and all of the information that your final draft will have.

Final Draft

Finally then it is time to take your rough draft and edit it for grammar and to make sure that all of your writing makes sense to the reader. As the math research paper is finely turned it will start to become a great contribution into math and an original expression of your mathematical thought.