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Creative Methods of How to Write Essay with an Example

Every now and then your instructor may come up with some creative ways to teach you important writing skills. One favorite is to have you write an essay using an example that was written by a past student, the instructor or was published. These exercise are great because in the short term they let you know exactly what it is your instructor is looking for in your essay and because in the long term they help improve your overall writing skills.

Your instructor may give you specific essay instructions to follow, but here are some ways you might want to try on your own if you have the chance to be creative:

Identify Writing Elements within the Essay

A great exercise to try before writing your essay from an example is to first make a list of all the major components of a great essay – e.g., hook, a thesis statement, topic sentences, transitions, conclusions – and to underline or highlight them in the example. This may seem a little tedious at first but it works wonders in developing your own skills and abilities in creating these components easily on your own. In a short period of time, you should be able to quickly these components in every published work you read and be able to make a valid assessment as to whether or not a written piece makes a great essay or not.

Rewrite the Essay in Your Own Words

Taking the essay sample, you should try re-writing the essay – taking its central argument, topic sentences, evidence pieces, etc. – in your own words. As long as your instructor says that it is okay, you can do this in order to improve your skills, but you should never attempt to pass this off as your own original work. That would be plagiarism, which is cheating. The exercise is particularly challenging because it forces you to think up of different ways to say what was said before. You’ll learn how to vary your sentences, structure and even flow as you task yourself with writing something that appears unique.

Write a Counter Essay, Following the Same Layout

Taking your sample and writing an essay that counters the central argument as well as each evidence point is an excellent way to learn how to write or improve your own essay writing. The method is as simple as it sounds, but it certainly does take a lot of practice. You may be required to do a little research on your own to find ways in which the original author incorrectly presented an argument. But doing so will prepare you in writing a several different types of essays throughout your academic career.