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Why Does Background Checking And Employment Screening Items Are Important For Hiring An Employee?

A business is an organization duly constituted and operating for profit. Within its operations, the business is affected by a number of factors all origination from the dynamic economy. Following this, for the business to be effective, it must have a structure and policy that would enable it to absorb the benign or detrimental effects of the economy. There are basically four units of production that enables a business to absorb the shocks. The factors include the following: human resource, finance, machines and materials. Out of the four factors of production, the human resource is the most crucial. Consequently, the human resource department in any organization performs an integral role in ascertaining financial viability in an organization.

The major function of the human resource department is to have the right quality and quantity staff that is composed competent staff. The staff must be well compensated, motivated and deployed. Furthermore staff capacity must be continuously managed and the performance of each employee correctly managed.

This concise yet elaborate paper seeks to explain the reason as to why the screening of employees is important during hiring of employees. The paper would begin by explaining the importance of the human resource and the human resource department. It would explain the strategies to be adopted to ensuring that a business is viable and further expose the need for screening of employees.

Strategic Human Resource Management

Each and every company has a set of objectives and goals that it seeks to attain at the end of their fiscal year. Strategic human resource management is a process that enables human resource managers to identify the business organizations specific goals and objectives and further develop policies and plans that would enable the organization to achieve the objectives. This particular function is to be construed at the backdrop that the human resource is the most important resource in any organization. Thus the manager must develop plans that would ensure the unit of production is of quality standards and of the right quantity so as to spearhead the process on fulfilling the goals.

The managers thus begin by formulating a strategy and further developing means of implementing the strategies.

Strategy Formulation

The process as is ostensible is a deliberate attempt by managers to ensure that the organizations goals are fulfilled while utilizing the most important resource. Thus a benign strategy would be one that organizes the current staff of the organization and further plans for shortfalls and growth. The processes of strategy formulation include man power planning and human resource planning. The latter is an on-going procedure and process that enables an organization to systematically utilize its most valuable asset. It is a procedure that includes forecasting, carrying out inventories, anticipating and lastly planning. Through the process the manager analyses the objectives of the firm, analyses the objectives of the firm, forecast demand and supply of labor and finally matches the demand and supply.

The end result of the process is management of the current human resource unit and further and more crucial to this discourse hiring, recruiting selection and placing human resource. The process would require that the human resource department derives a job analysis and a job description. The former is a systematic assessment of what a job includes while the latter is a systematic assessment of the overall purpose of a job. The final product of the process if the deriving of a job specification, job design and picking out the method of recruitment.

It has been observed that the most important unit of production in an organization is the human resource. Furthermore it has been observed that the unit is integral in ensuring that the organization meets its objectives. The paper has thus explained how the human resource departments formulate policies in order to ensure that there employee base enables the organization to meet its targets.

Strategy Implementation

The implementation of the strategy would be through recruitment and subsequent selection. Recruitment is a positive process that searches for qualified personnel to assume certain available positions in the organization. The process is hurdled by internal factors of the organization and external factors affecting the organization. Recruitment may be internally through job rotation, transfers, promotions or recalling former employees or externally through advertisements. Once the recruitment process has been finalized the crucial stage of selection begins.

The human resource department is tasked with the role of managing the most important resource. It must ensure that the resource is utilized productively so that the objectives of the organization are attained. It has thus developed a strategic plan that would require that the employees meet the specification required by the organization and had executed the plan by calling for applications. Despite this, applications and interviewing of nay form have the inability of capturing all that is required of the employees. Thus the tests ordinarily seek the successes of the individual and fail to put into account their failures.

It is because of this that human resource managers develop other test to supplement or complement the selection criteria tests. Screeni9ng for background information is thus critical as it would enable the employer to get the requisite information about the prospective employee. It gives further information about the employee’s failures, goals, objectives, attitude, demeanour etc. this is important because the manager must not only select the employee but also retain him or her and enable the employee to fulfill his or her goal while also fulfilling the organizations goals.


Clearly the human resource is the most important resource in an organization. It for this reason that the old adage states that, happy employees create happy customers. The paper has explained the reason to why the human reason is an important unit in an organization. It has further thus amplified the role played by the human resource department. The paper has further explained the purpose of a business and exposed how bed a business utilizes its most vital unit to attain the objective of the business. In doing the aforesaid the paper has explained the theories and strategies utilized by human resource managers.

To conclude with, it has been established that the screening of employee is directly linked with effective human resource management and the subsequent attainment of goals by an organization. Screening is then part and parcel of the strategies adopted by the human resource management to ensure that it has the right quality and quantity of staff. Screening has been further observed to be a process that complement and supplements the recruitment and selection of employees.