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Revising A Literary Essay: Secrets From A Straight-A Student

When you’ve written your literary essay, it’s time for revising it. This step is very important because there might be plenty of little mistakes and weak spots in the text that you didn’t notice in the process of writing. Proofreading a paper is more than just correcting grammar mistakes. It’s important to make sure that your text flows smoothly and logically. Here are some useful tips that you should keep in mind.

  1. Take a break.
  2. Before you start revising your paper, you should take a little break. Take a walk, watch an episode of your favorite TV-show, or just have a rest and drink some tea. The main thing is not to think about your work. In this way, you’ll have a fresh view on your paper.

  3. Read your paper like for the first time.
  4. A good method of revising a literary essay is to read it as if you weren’t the person who wrote it and you know nothing about its contents. You may do this by reading paragraphs out of order, for example. Using this method, you’ll be able to check whether your connections and transitions are really clear and understandable.

  5. Consult a specialist.
  6. If you have a section in your text that you don’t like, but you don’t know how to change it for the best, you may ask some specialists for assistance. The most obvious person to approach in this situation is your teacher. Even a simple discussion of your topic with a teacher might help you come up with some extra points or options for rewriting particular sentences.

  7. Cooperate with your peers.
  8. You may create a group with some of your classmates and share your drafts with each other to get feedback from several reviewers. This method of revising a literary essay is very effective because it allows you to see mistakes that you couldn’t notice by yourself. Moreover, if two or more people tell you that a particular paragraph in your text is written poorly, you should definitely rewrite it.

  9. Compare your draft to your assignment and outline.
  10. You should also check whether your essay meets all the requirements stated in your assignment. In the process of writing, you may miss some little but important details. You should also compare your draft to your first outline. Check whether you used all your ideas and arguments. Make sure that you didn’t go into the wrong direction explaining your evidence.

Use at least some of these methods revising your literary essay to create a well-written paper.