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5 Tips for Finalizing your Research Paper

Putting the finishing touches on your research paper is one of the most essential parts of writing a successful paper. It’s those final steps you take that really make the difference between a mediocre paper and an exceptional one.

5 Tips to give your paper that extra sparkle:

  1. Expert proofreading. Even though it’s tempting to do your own proofreading, you will see your own mistakes and not notice them. It’s always better to have someone who is an expert do the proofreading for you. That could be a professional proofreader, a teacher, a writer, or someone with a great deal of experience in editing or proofreading written material.
  2. Formatting is essential. Check your assignment; make sure that all formatting requirements are being met. This includes margins, line spacing, page numbering, etc. This is an area Correct format means easy bonus marks.
  3. Style is important. Style includes things such as the following: make sure you haven’t written in first person, references should be complete and in the required citation style, any abstracts or appendices are included if required. Be sure you are using the correct size and style of font in your paper. If you must submit a paper copy as well as a digital copy, use only high quality print paper.
  4. Ample time for revisions. Many students make the mistake of leaving their research paper writing to the last minute, which means they are really short on time to do adequate revisions. When you make your time schedule for writing your paper, allow a day or two for revisions. It’s hard to foresee what problems you will run into that need to be fixed.
  5. Length of paper should meet guidelines. Most instructors give their students a range for the number of words or number of pages their research paper must abide by. If your instructor has specified 2500 to 4000 words, make sure you don’t sell yourself short with a paper that has only 2000 words. There is a lot you can say in those extra 500 words! At the same time, don’t be so verbose that your paper is pushing 5000 words.

First impressions are everything, even with essays, papers and other documents you must hand in for marks. Everything about your paper should look professional. It should look like you spent a lot of effort on it and care about the results.